Friday, January 19, 2007

Noel & Beast Part 2; Free Falling.

Continued from HERE

Okay here I am free falling. My parachute is tangled and failed to open. I remain as calm as possible. I go to pull the reserve handle, but nothing happens. Now I start to panic. I can see the others way above me with chutes open. I turn to look at the ground and see it coming closer by the second. I can do nothing but wait for my death. I close my eyes and my life flashes before them.

All of a sudden I here a beeping noise. I open my eyes to see Biggy (the droid that was left behind while escaping the Cobras from the last mission). It was right next to me trying to attach it's legs to my back.

What the heck.....

My mind starts to run like mad with all these questions. *How in the world did it find me? How did it get out of that place in one piece? And what was it doing?*

The last question was answered when Biggy successfully attached itself to me and turned on its hover boosters. I then started to slow down. But I was still going pretty fast and the ground was coming even closer. But at least it isn't coming as fast anymore.

Biggy then uses it's boosters and starts to direct me to a nearby lake. I think it realized that at this speed I still would get hurt hitting the ground, and water might be a little easier on my body.

Might be....

I am still coming in pretty fast once we hit the lake. I do a basic belly flop, and it hurt like hell. But I'm still alive, although I did get the air knocked out of me and will have on heck of a bruise on my stomach. But that is a lot better then being dead...... RIGHT?

I am found by Hank and a local rescue group and they check me over, but find nothing wrong except a few bruises and rattled nerves. They then take me back to the Elvi landing site. Everyone is relieved that I am alive and well (for the most part). The Flying Elvi let me pass and give us the next destination. They said I did an excellent job with the formations, but it wasn't my fault that the chute didn't work properly. They said they checked all the gear before leaving.... it must have been sabotage. But who did it.....

At least Biggy showed up.

Hey where is that droid..... damn I think I forgot him in the lake. Well it is to late to go back now, cause now we are on the train heading to the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just before we left the landing site I did manage to snap a couple pictures of the group behind us.

I hope nobody else and problems as I did.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That's the thing about parachute accidents. Anyone who's had one doesn't ever complain about it.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Mr. Bennet said...

For the record, it wasn't me.

12:21 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Biggy sounds like quite the Deus Ex Machina, swooping in just in time. Why didn't Hank try to catch you?

12:52 PM  
Blogger Mr. Bennet said...

Hank wouldn't have done any good. He'd just leap at her and fall. But was he on the plane or on the ground?

As for the Deus Ex Machina, a blog is no place for a literary device.

How about the Deus Ex Superman at the end of Superman Returns? Lex Luthor was impossible to stop, there was no way for the good guys to win that. But amazingly, Superman saves the day! Oh, boo!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

As for the Deus Ex Machina, a blog is no place for a literary device.


1:34 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

I see Deus Ex Machinas as a lazy way to...


...and that's my reasoning. Bulletproof!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Well, at least having your chute fail has the advantage of ensuring you'll reach the ground first.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Mr. Bennet said...

El Profe is right! Speed, rather than living, is of the utmost importance when it comes to any race, especially one with mutants.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

I love speed!

8:43 AM  

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