Monday, January 15, 2007

Why not to let Cyclops do challenges…

Ugh! I hate being pregnant!!!! Although I am not sure what is worse…. Mourning sickness or Scott's whining…

Tony has been missing.. I thought he would be here but no I am stuck with avoiding Simon Wonderman Williams… or listening to Scott fuss about what I did in the last leg of the race…

"Carol it was so uncool! Let me do this leg… please…. Pretty please…" Scott begged as we made our way down …

I looked at our cameraman, "Hi MAC… "

"Carol, Scott… The producers of the show would like you two to do some publicity shots with a fellow X-Men…" As Mac pointed I saw Logan….

The camera man got Scott and Logan fighting and then took this picture… The Headlines reads…

Jealousy increases as the Mutant Race continues…. How long will Wolverine put up with Cyclops putting the moves on Warbird…. And will Warbird have her baby during the race… WATCH the NEXT AMAZING MUTANT RACE……
Will Cyclops be the loving father during the race?

OH GREAT! First of all I am not that far along Second of all… just forget it… We all gathered around for Professor Xavier to announce the next leg of the race…

"Carol.. come on please…." Scott whimpered…

"Fine Scott.. the next leg of the race you totally control… We will do what ever you plan.." Why did I know I would regret this…

Scott grins big….

The announcement was made…. Flying Elvi? I looked at Scott and he was jumping up and down… "OH YEAH!!!!!"

We got on to our plane…. Scott went into the bathroom and came out looking like Elvis then sang and danced for the passengers…He was singing the whole trip non-stop… I noticed Mac put ear plugs in… "Hey MAC, got another pair?" I asked and saw him grin big…and shake his head no

I looked at Scott… Scott bellowed:
"I left my home in Norfolk Virginia
California on my mind
I straddled that greyhound
And rode into Raleigh
And on across Caroline

We had motor trouble that turn into a struggle
Halfway across Alabama’
And that hound broke down and left us all stranded
In downtown Birmingham

Right away I brought me a through train ticket
Ridin’ across Mississippi clean
And I was on that midnight flyer out of Birmingham
Smoking into New Orleans

Somebody help me get out of Louisiana"

Finally we landed and went out to our SUV.. Scott was still singing in Mac camera to the audience…
"Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire
Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn,
So get those stakes up higher
Theres a thousand pretty women waitin out there
And they're all livin devil may care
And I'm just the devil with love to spare
Viva Las Vegas, viva Las Vegas"

We arrive to our SUV….

Scott commenced to complaining… "No this is all wrong… ELVIS drove a pink caddy… Hmmm Carol go inside and get us some munchies I have to fix the SUV…"

"Whatever Scott.." I sighed as I waved at him

I returned to this:

I looked at MAC and he shrugged… Scott whistled, "COME ON…"

As we piled in Scott started to sing again,

" dreamed I had a good job and I got well paid.
I blew it all at the penny arcade.
A hundred dollars on a kewpie doll.
No pretty chick is gonna make me crawl.

Get on a TWA to the promised land.
Every woman, child and man
Gets a Cadillac and a great big diamond ring.
Don't you know you're riding with the king?"

Then MAC started to join in… God help me….

As soon as we arrive to the Bonneville Salt Flat and Scott runs like a kid over to the flying Elvi…

"HI I am your instructor this evening" One said…

"And I will be your pilot.." another stated…

He pulls out a camera.. "Carol take some pictures…"

Then Cyclops performs with them before getting n the plane…..

I watched the grown kid climbed on board…. "You coming?" MAC asked…… I shook my head and just watched from below….

After getting the clue from the Elvi. The Elvi told Scott and me, "Now you common back ya here."

Scott swiveled his hips, "thank you thank you very much…"

We got into our SUV… "So what the next task?"

He looked at me and grinned, "A MUSICAL!" I could feel my face going pale, "What is our other choice?" Scott grinned, "NO WE ARE DOING A MUSICAL " He shouted in excitement, "and I got just the one"

I looked at MAC who again just shrugged…

We took a train then a car to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott stayed in his Elvis costume… He danced and swiveled…. Then he began planing our Musical… I sat looking around…

"TA DA!" He stated…. I looked at the poster….

Then he got on state and started singing
"I like to be in America!
Okay by me in America!
Everything free in America
For a small fee in America "

I stood up quickly, "SCOTT! I don't think we have to be in it…. "

"Sure we do.. " he pouted….
I looked around, "We don't have enough people to do Westside Story.."

Scott smiled, "So I will play two parts!" and then he started to sing,
"I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and
witty and gay
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me
I feel charming
Oh so charming
alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty
That I
hardly can believe I'm real
See the pretty girl in
that mirror there?
Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face
Such a pretty dress
Such a pretty
Such a pretty me!"

I began waving my hands, "NO NO SCOTT… We have to do something else…"

He smiled and ran off stage and back then Scott started to sing…
"Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
Lousy with virginity
Won't go to bed 'til legally wed
I can't; I'm Sandra Dee

Watch it! Hey I'm Doris Day
I was not brought up that way
Won't come across,
Even Rock Hudson lost
His heart to Doris Day

I don't drink (no)
Or swear (no)
I don't rat my hair (eew)
I get ill from one cigarette
(cough, cough, cough)
Keep your filthy paws
Off my silky draws
Would you pull that crap with Annette?"

"SCOTT!" I yelled…. Then I calmed down, "We don't have enough for Grease either!"

"OH there is one I so been wanting to do… We only need a few people and the audience can play along…" He jumped up and down, "Please Please"

"Okay.. Scott I am trusting you…. I am going to find a dressing room…" I sighed…

"I will send you your costume…." Scott danced around stage….

Mac the cameraman took his seat as the audiences were given their electronic grading devices…

The announcer's voice bellowed over the crowd, "LADIES AND GENTS… Caesar's Palace proudly presents………."

"Science fiction (ooh ooh ooh) double feature
Doctor X (ooh ooh ooh) will build a creature
See androids fighting (ooh ooh ooh) Brad and Janet
Anne Francis stars in (ooh ooh ooh) Forbidden Planet
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night, double feature, picture show
I wanna go - Oh oh oh oh
To the late night, double feature, picture show
By R.K.O. - Wo oh oh oh
To the late night, double feature, picture show
In the back row - Oh oh oh oh
To the late night, double feature, picture show"
"It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I've got to keep control

I remember doing the TIme Warp
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me and the void would be calling
Let's do the time warp again...
Let's do the time warp again!"

"It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

"It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me
So you can't see me, no not at all
In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention
Well-secluded, I see all
With a bit of a mind flip
You're there in the time slip
And nothing can ever be the same
You're spaced out on sensation, like you're under sedation
Let's do the Time Warp again!"
"Well I was walking down the street just a-having a think
When a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink
He shook me up, he took me by surprise
He had a pickup truck and the devil's eyes.
He stared at me and I felt a change
Time meant nothing, never would again
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

"On the day I went away... goodbye...
Was all I had to say... now I...
I want to come again and stay... Oh my my...
Smile, and that will mean that I may

Cause I've seen blue skies, through the tears
In my eyes
And I realize.. I'm going home.

Everywhere it's been the same... feeling...
Like I'm outside in the rain... wheeling...
Free, to try and find a game... dealing...
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Cause I've seen blue skies through the tears
In my eyes
And I realize.. I'm going home.

I'm going home, I'm going home."

"Science fiction, double feature
Frank has built and lost his creature
Darkness has conquered Brad and Janet
The servants gone to a distant planet
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night, double feature, picture show
I want to go
Oh oh oh oh
To the late night, double feature, picture show"

ALL I can say is NEVER AGAIN is Scott going to do our Tasks….. I can't believe we got 5 stars the first time. I think they were afraid what Scott may choose next (I know I was)


Blogger Wolverine said...

Any excuse ta dress like that huh Scott?

3:38 PM  
Blogger captain koma said...

Please. That hurt my eyes. I don't know how much longer I am going to have to wash my eyes out. Please make the torture stop.
I like breathing air. This post felt like I was breathing noxious gasses.
I like breathing air.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Definitely a show that I'm going to have to miss.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Oh no! Now Scott is going to want to do those at the school's summer talent show!

9:15 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

*bring Toasts, spray bottle, a lighter, toilet paper. Get dressed like Brad*

I love that movie!!!!!!

2:31 PM  
Blogger Warbird said...

:pI am sure Scott thanks you about a date since another man in armor has went missing and leave me alone

4:26 PM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Wow, Scotty is a...well...Freaky.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

For a subversive cult, the Elvi sure do look peaceful.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

Oh, wait... I'm thinking of the Crying Elvi, not the Flying Elvi.

8:30 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

*knocks over Henchman and Gyrobo(twice) to run back over to Warbird*

You were saying something about a date?

10:32 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

You are awesome!! They might as well end this contest right now and declare you the winner!!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Oh yeah, you're pregnant, huh sweetie?

That's so hot, like the last time you were pregnant, and when Vampirella was pregnant, and when Conselor Troi was pregnant, and when Padme was pregnant, or that other time Vampirella was pregnant, or when Ripley becomes pregnant. It's all hot, baby.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Simon said...


7:55 PM  

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