Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jon and Nightcrawler: We've got a little song for you

Oompa Loompa doompadee dee
First racer eliminated was SQT
Oompa Loompa doompadee der
Getting the boot was unfortunate for her

She had a chance to write something sleek
About her partner the dangerous Mystique
Having her go is such a darned shame
You know exactly who’s to blame:
That snarky guy Simon

Oompa Loompa doompadee bar
It’s too bad that she didn’t go far
The rest went on to race in round two
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa doompadee dam
Next one to go was Amazing Spider-Man
He didn’t even race, he just walked away
Therefore we have no more to say

Oompa Loompa doompadee papaya
The next team to go was led by Gaia
Oompa Loompa Doompadee Noriegas
They couldn’t get past the challenge in Vegas

That guy Havok has concentric circles
Which kind of makes him look like a jerkle
Their pace was slowed to a sleepy walk
All because Celine Dion couldn’t talk
How long will my heart go on?

Oompa Loompa Doompajack Bauer
Despite being a team with so much power
Maybe you should just visit the zoo
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa Doompadee band
Guess who got lost in Disneyland
Oompa Loompa Doompadee larval
Say so long to Cyclops and Ms. Marvel

Did they get lost on one of the rides?
Was it fun? Did they split their insides?
Did he get stuck in line waiting to pee?
Was she too busy shaking her hi-ni?
Did anyone take a pic?

Oompa Loompa Doompadee leak
Showing the alure of her sexy cheek
They had fun at Disneyland too
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dat
Next to go was the guy in the bee hat
Oompa Loompa Doompadee dealer
That is unfortunate for that young mutant healer

Why was he stuck with that villainous fellow?
Who crushes and summons and harshes your mellow
But they couldn’t get past the giants of frost
Then Thor punched Henchman at no extra cost
I would pay to see that

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Elixir
Maybe we’ll see them at a celebrity mixer
They were stopped at their Asguard debut
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa Doompadee pickle jar
Gyrobo’s posts were so bizarre
Oompa Loompa Doompadee carbon rod
Too bad Gambit is such a lame wad

Gyrobo is master of the odd non sequitur
Now he has the free time to eat an apple fritter
Why is it that Simon likes the giant phallus?
And gives us comments that are so gosh darn callous?
Maybe he has issues

Oompa Loompa Doompadee oboe
Time for us to say goodbye to Gyrobo
Now he can feed the Buddhists stew
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa Doompadee deest
Next to get the boot was Noel and Beast
Oompa Loompa Doompadee dem
We have to wonder what happened to them

So where did they go when we were fighting zombies?
Perhaps they went shopping at Abercrombie’s
A leg or two after leaving the store
They got stuck in a fight with dinosaurs
Doesn’t that make you sore?

Oompa Loompa Doompadee supple
Don’t you think they make a nice couple?
Did they get to base one or base two?
Like the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

Oompa Loompa Doompadee MacArthur
Koma was hounded by Robo Bea Arthur
Oompa Loompa Doompadee dan
Don’t you just feel sorry for Caliban?

Taken along on a pointless ride
While Koma and camera girl amorously collide
But is it true that she’s spying on Koma?
And did she live in Tulsa Oklahoma?
Don’t give me a bum steer

Oompa Loompa Doompadee proctor
Say so long to that evil doctor
Here’s a can of Fosters for you
From the Oompa Loompa Doompadee do

After completing our song and dance routine for the Oompa Loompas, Nightcrawler and I stood frozen and looked at our silent audience. The Oompas looked back at us. Did they like the song? Would they applaud?

Would they applaud?

To be continued...


Blogger cooltopten said...

lol , Them Oompa Loompas are kinda scary !! :)

10:59 AM  
Blogger SQT said...


1:54 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

They better applaud. I don't want to have to sit through another song. :p

So will it be tasting the sweets or giving candy to stangers?

Good Luck!

4:37 PM  
Blogger Vegeta said...


7:36 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

You can cut the tension with a wet hot butter knife.

You do know you only had to do a song about one other racer, right?

And I think you made that Noriegas word up.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Merlyn Gabriel said...

All I gotta say is that make up is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY scary!

4:58 AM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

Applause is over rated. The true sign of audience appreciation is when they stick dollar bills in your G-String.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Professor, I did know that I only had to make a song up about another racer but Nightcrawler and I wanted to do something a little more epic and include all the racers who were booted in all the previous legs.

Plus Nightcrawler was really itching to flex some of his poetic muscles.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Master Obi-Wan said...

Not too bad. It has some quality to it. Funny song though.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Master Adana said...

Obi Wan you sound a bit out of it. Had some of that new candy already?

8:03 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Kurt does have a very romantic spirit. It's led to quite a few Orders of Protection against him.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Yo dog, that song was tha bomb! If you can keep performing like that, I say you could win it all on Alderaan Idol.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Simon said...


wha? It's over? Splendid!

5:48 PM  

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