Wednesday, February 28, 2007

While we wait we learn that Kurt's a chicken

"They might as well put our names on these chairs." gripes Cal. "We've been given the yeild more than any other team."
"That only means that we're a threat Cal." I tell him. "Anyway we should use this time to work on our tactics dealing with Miss Bea."
"So Goldy's not Kerrick then?" asks Cal.
"Yep and its not cause of some gut feeling." I state proudly. "I got a blood a test on her, Kerrick is O negative and Goldy is A positive." Really its a load off my feet that Goldy isn't Kerrick.
"You sure 'bout this Koma. Cause I know stuff can be tampered with." warns Cal.
"I did the tests myself Cal. And here comes the blonde beauty now." I announce as Goldy arrives at the Yield station.
"Austin I haven't been completely honest with you." she says biting her lower lip.
My mind races I imagine seeing her rip a latex mask off revealing that all along she was Kerrick or worse a robotic Bea Arthur.
"What is it?" I reply a little shakely. My right hand drifting towards my blaster.
"Bea could you come over now honey!" calls Goldy over her shoulder. My hand gets to my blaster I start to draw it. Then I see Goldy's Bea.
"Bea this is Austin. Remember I told you about him." prompts Goldy.
"Hello Austin." Greets the child.
Honestly there was a little thought in my head that said I should use the blaster first just to make sure. But I didn't did I.
"Hello Bea." I answer.
"Your not a real doctor are you?" she demanded.
"Bea!" exlaims Goldy to her daughter.
"Its OK Goldy. I am a real doctor Bea. In fact just for dealing with curious little girls I have my diploma right here." I reach into my coat and pull out a copy of my Doctorate from Melbourne University.
"Hmmm! It looks real." says the little girl trying hard to find something that looks fake.
"Bea honey why don't you go and check the document with Tilly." offers Goldy.
"Ok Mommy. Bye Ausitn, bye Caliban." waves Bea as she walks off to Tilly, who I correctly assume is Bea's nanny.
"Austin. Thanks." Goldy kisses me, it was rather inviting.
It said thank you, but with the suggestion of a whole lot more thank you later on. I could get used to this.

"uh-hummm!" coughs Cal. "I think we have a race to run."
Goldy smiles at me, no she beams. Woof! was all I could think. She leaves.
"Earth to planet Koma. Come in Koma." gibes Cal.
"Yeah about the Robo-Bea's." I resume plan mode. "There are only 4 of them left for Kerrick to set on us. And they can't change their form unless Kerrick cracks the 246 digit passkey."

"And they can't change their form unless
Kerrick cracks the 246 digit passkey."

"And if she cracks the passkey they can look like anyone?" he asks a bit perturbed by thought of dealing with 4 LMD's that don't look like Bea Arthur.
"Yes but I'm quite sure she hasn't had the time to break the passkey. So they still have to be Bea Arthurs." I'm about to go onto a plan I had for capturing one of the robo-Bea's so we could find Kerrick. When theres a
I cough at the smell of brimstone.
"Dude that just smells like the worst fart, EVER!" elucidates Cal.
"Girl scout cookie for your Yield Koma." smirks Nightcrawler.
This time I do pull my Blaster.
"Kurt you better get your pointy tail out of here." I warn "Cause I'm going to pull the trigger in 3 2 1."
So much for team spreken zee scared.


Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Thanks for the extra alert, I needed it to keep awake ;P

What is it about being a Muntant that make them cross-dress so much?

1:32 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

At least you were able to keep yourself amused during your Yield. And you might want to think about getting an Order of Protection against that Kerrick person. Or sick Deadpool on them.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

That girl scout needs a make-over.

11:16 AM  

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