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Noel & Beast: Part 2, Dinosaurs and King Kong.

King Kong, the name of the Giant Ape, leaped off into the jungle. I heard a few natives mumble something about the Detour being ruined. I go over and see what is going on. "Hello, can you tell us what is going on."

"Well Kong was to be part of the Detour for the race. Now that he has escaped whoever is left has to no choice but to do the Dino hunt. Unless we can capture him again, and that might take days. The last time he escaped we lost half our men."

"So I guess that means we have to do the Dino Hunt," says Hank.

"Not necessarily, what if we find Kong and bring him back here? And what were we supposed to do with him anyway?" I ask.

"Well first, it will be near impossible to get him to come back by yourself, so don't worry about that. Secondly, Kong was supposed to be entertained by the contestants and made to come get a picture taken."

"Well that sounded easy enough, but I guess we are stuck doing the Dino Hunt," I sigh

"Yeah, well you will be needing these." He handed us a couple guns. "And these," handed us some grenades. "And ohhhh yeah, you will definitely be needing these." He gave us more weapons and ammo.

"Is that all?" I finally ask.

"Well that's all I can give you," he says as he leads us to the to the doors leading out to the jungle. He opens the doors and we hear all kinds of noises. We walk out and turn towards the man. "Ohhhh and Good Luck." He chuckles and closes the door BEHIND US.

I sigh "So what are we to do, go around and kill all the dinosaurs we find?"

"I guess," Hank shrugs.

We walk out into the jungle. We walk for what seem like miles, and we didn't see a single dinosaur. The jungle is so thick that we can't see much ahead of us.

"You know I'm starting to get the feeling that there are no dinosaurs on this island." I blurt out.

"Well then why would we....." He stops as we finally reach a clearing. I look at him for a second, his eyes are wide and his mouth is open. I turn to look at what he was staring at.

"I uhhhhh..... think I spoke to soon."

We just stand there staring at these giant beasts. I start to wonder if these were the ones we have to kill. I mean true they are huge, but they seem pretty gentle. Plus they have babies.

I look at Hank to see if he may have an answer. He looks just as confused as I feel. As I pull Hank back to discuss our options, I hear some rustling in the trees on the far side of the clearing. The large four legged dinosaurs look over towards the noise and start making hissing sounds. The babies take off running towards us. I quickly jump to the side, just barely getting missed from being trampled. I see that Hank has jumped up in a tree. I look back out into the clearing and see another Dinosaur, mean looking and walking on two legs.

I hear Hank say mumble something. I watch as the large two legged dinosaur attacked one of the four legged one. It was a quick fight and soon the four legged dinosaur was down and being held by the throat by the other. The other four legged dinosaurs tried to protect its fallen friend, but only managed to get bit at. Soon the one that was attacked was dead and the other wandered off after the babies. I had to move yet again as the large beasts slowly retreated back into the forest.

As they walk past I take another quick look at the large two legged dinosaur. He seems to be enjoying himself as it munches on the fallen dinosaur.

Hank approaches me quietly and whispers "I believe those are the dinosaurs we are supposed to kill"

I nod and pull out my gun. Hank does the same thing. As quietly as we can we walk out towards the T-Rex, as Hank called the two legged dinosaur. We split up just before reaching the clearing. I went left so I would be attack it from behind, while Hank went straight attacking from the side. I see Hank make a single, telling me to get down. He must see or hear something I can't. I fall to the ground just as another T-Rex approaches. It is bigger then the other one and tries to get a bite to eat. The smaller T-Rex steps aside and roars real loud. He doesn't seem to happy to share. Soon the two T-Rex's are fighting over the meal.

Hank singles me back to him. As soon as I get there he tells me in a whisper "I think we should stay out of this. We may be able to take on one of these but two..." He shakes is head no. So we both head back into the jungle. I take one quick look back and it seems that the smaller one is losing.

Hank and I continue walking for a short time. Out of no where Hank turns to me and states "Ummm.... I think we better rest here for awhile. I have to go...."

"Go where?" I ask.

"Well lets just say what I ate earlier is not agreeing with me." He looks away quickly.

"Ohhhhh I see, okay I'll wait over there" I point to a log near a small clearing.

He nods and rushes off into the jungle.

I go over to the log to sit and wait. I hear a noise I look behind me and come face to face with a very large bug.

I scream and fall back off the log. I quickly scramble back as the large insect approaches me. As I try and back up I am stopped by a tree. The insect gets closer and rears up ready to attack. Just before it attacks me I see another one and it goes after the one that is after me.

As they attack each other I grab my gun and aim for the closet ones head. I start shooting and hear it make a screaming sound as the bullets hit it. Soon it falls to the ground, dead. The other one looks at the dead insect them back at me. I take aim for this ones head only to realize I am out of bullets. I scream for Hank as the insect gets closer. As it nears I get up ready to fight. I kick it in the head as it tries and bite me. I scramble around behind it and jump on it's back. I then climb up and grab a hold of it's attena. It tries and buck me off by shacking it's head back and forth, but I got a death grip on it. I grip my legs around it's body so that I am able to free one of my hands. I grab a grenade off my belt, then I lean over the head of the creature, pull the pin off the grenade, and quickly shove it in its mouth. I then jump off the insect landing hard on the ground. I have only seconds to cover myself before the insects head blows clear off.

I lay there for a few seconds trying to catch my breath. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and a voice asking me if I am okay. I look up and see Hanks worried face looking back at me. I sit up and say "Yeah, I'm fine." Then I try and wipe the bug guts off me, but it seems pointless cause all it does is smear.

Hank helps me up and says "I'm sorry, I tried to hurry once I heard your scream and then the shots rang out. However it seems you had it all under control."

I throw him a dirty look. "I need to find a place to get cleaned off, then we should head back to the village." I start to walk away.

He nods and follows me. We walk back to a place I remember seeming a small stream. While we walk I get a feeling we are being followed, but every time I turn around I see nothing. We finally get to the stream and I go in to wash off as Hank sits and waits for me. Just as I finish cleaning off all the bug guts and dirt I hear a rustling in the trees once again. I look back towards the sound. Out of the corner of my eye I see that Hank is standing and has his gun raised. I stand and pull out my gun and add a new clip.

We stand and wait for what ever is coming, come into the clearing. We don't have to wait long as we seen a T-Rex bust through the trees. He stops and turns his head back and forth as if it is smelling for something. It then sees us and lets out a very loud roar. And starts running towards us. I take a few steps back and look over at Hank, who hasn't even moved. He still has his gun aimed at the beast. He throws me a look and says "Don't move."

I stop and look back at the T-Rex. I aim my gun and hope for the best. Hank started shooting first Then I joined in. The T-Rex stopped but the bullets didn't seem to phase it at all. I look back at Hank who seems a bit worried now, but keeps on firing. Once he is out of bullets he turns to me and yells "RUN!!!"

It doesn't seem like the bullets are doing anything to him so stop shooting and turn around and run. I can sense Hank right behind me and not far behind him is the T-Rex. Hank catches up to me and grabs me around my waist. "Hang on" He yells.

He throws me over his shoulder and proceeds to run even faster. He leaps up into the trees and jumps from limb to limb. We seem to be flying, and I grab is back with all my strength. I look back and see that the T-Rex is still behind us, but we are gaining a lead.

All of a sudden Hank stops, causing my face to slam into his back. "What are you doing" I yelled as I rubbed my nose. He don't answer me and I sit up to look at what he is. I scream. Right before us is King Kong, the Giant Ape from the village. But he doesn't seem to be looking at us. He seems to be looking behind us atthe T-Rex who happened to stop as soon as it seen the Ape.

King Kong jumps over us and stands between us and the T-Rex. Hank sets me down and we take cover in some near by bushes. We sit and watch to two square each other up. Kong screams at the T-Rex and the T-Rex roars at Kong.

Then the T-Rex jumps at King Kong biting his arm in the process. Kong grabs the T-Rex pushes it back then smashes his fist into it's face. The T-Rex backs off and sakes it's head, then lunges again only to get another fist in the face. King Kong then tries and grab at the T-Rex's mouth. The T-Rex snap at Kongs fingers, but Kong continues his assault. This continues for awhile and soon King Kong gets the upper hand and rips the jaws open on the T-Rex. The T-Rex dies instantly.

After killing the T-Rex King Kong throws it aside and sits down. He glances over at us hiding in the bushes. I decided to stand up and approach the Kong. Hank grabs my arm to stop me, but I pull my arm from his grasp. I tell him to stay as I approach King Kong.

I walk up to Kong look up at his face. He looks away, he seems sad. I reach up and touch his finger. He pulls away and glares at me. "I want to thank you for saving us back there." I say, ignoring his glare.

He stands up and growls at me. I look at him in confusion, I can understand him. I don't know how or why, but I can. I think it may have something to do the fact I used to deal with alien life everyday. Some of them use beeps, growls and such noises to communicate. I have learned how to understand them, even though I can't talk their language.

"Ohhh, come on cheer up, it can't be so bad.

He does a few whooo, whooos.

"Yeah I can understand you just fine. I am not sure why I can, but I can. It may have something to do with the fact i am not from around here."

He turns and sits right in front of me. He does a few more who, whos.

"Lets just say I am from very far away." I continue "So why have you escaped from the village."

He slams his fist down and makes a few scream noises. Then turns his head away from me.

"They do what. That is so awful. I can see why you hate it there." I reach up and touches his fur on his leg. Kong looks down at me and reaches his hand down and picks me up. He is so gentle. He raises me to his eye level.

He who whos softly.

"You want me to help you." I look back down at Hank who is standing there dumbfounded. "Yeah I guess I can help you, just tell me what you want. But I will need something from you if I do talk to them for you."

Who, who.

"I will need you to go back to the village so we can get a picture with you. I promise if you do that for me I will talk to the people of the village for you"

Who, whoooo, whooo, who.

"Okay it's a deal then, now tell me what you want."

He does a whole variety of who whos and I just nod at him.

"I think we can work something out with the village men. Now how about taking us back to the village so I can talk to the people."

King Kong gets up and and places me on his back. He then grabs Hank and places him next to me. He who, whos and I turn to Hank "He says to hang on." Hank grips onto the fur as Kong rushes off to the village. Hank turns to me to ask something, but I guess what he is about to ask and answer it before he can, "Don't ask, cause I'm not too sure myself."

We are soon in the sight of the village King Kong stops and lets us off his back. I turn to Kong and tell him "Just wait right here I'll be back after I talk to them."

Whoo, who.

Hank and I rush off to the village. As soon as we get to the doors they open. The elder lets us in. "Well I see that you are still alive." He laughs then he looks behind us and his eyes widen in shock. "H-how did you get him to come back."

"I just talked to him, that's all."

The elder gives me a strange look "What do yo mean 'talked to him'?"

"It's just as I said, I can understand him and he can understand me. I'm not sure how, but it may have something to do with the fact that I am not from around here and I have a great knowledge of different languages." I shrug

I continue "Anyway I talked to him and he told me he would only come back if a few changes were made."


"Yes, first of all he wants a bigger and better enclosures. He hate being chained up by those short chains. He said he would stop escaping if you can do this. Second he wants some company, I was thinking that there is a gorilla by the name of Might Joe Young. Joe is smaller then Kong, but not as small as a normal gorilla. If we can't get Joe then a few normal sized females would work to. He is just so lonely. He swears if you will allow this he will listen to you better and even allow people to get their pictures taken with him without a fuss."

"But we can't afford such an enclosure for him. It's not like we haven't thought about it before. All our money goes to feeding him, keeping the dinosaurs away and fixing the place when he does escape."

"If you need money, I can give you what you need as soon as I can. I am willing to donate what ever you need. I'll also talk to Kong and see if he can help with getting the dinosaurs population down. I have seen him fight and he is very good, he just may need some back up."

The man nods. I walk over to Kong to tell him what we were discussing. He gives me a few who whos and follows me back.

"Kong will behave and help with the dinosaurs. All he asks is no more chains. He promises to not escape from the area."

The man shakes his head in confusion, then looks up at Kong. "We will do what we can to make him happy until the enclosure is complete."

"Good now, lets get Kong back and get our picture taken with him."

Hank and I follow the elder and Kong follows us. We hear a few whispers and see a few scared glares. I look back at Kong and say "It's alright, they are not used to you being so gentle."

Who who

I snicker.

We get our picture taken. I am not sure what that look is that Hank is giving me.

Now we are off to find the Medicine Man and to our Pit Stop. Man I need a bath, I smell like Giant Ape and bug guts.


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So you are telling me you smell sexy? cuz that works for me.

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Kong and his demand list. Prima Donna.

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I think the insects by themselves could make very interesting protagonists in a future novel.

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