Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A meeting in the morning

The phone rings.
"This better be good." I grumble. Its 5am Race Day. Normally I don't need much sleep but last nights private party with Goldy took a lot out of me, and her.
"Koma we gotta talk now." It was Cal. "Meet me at my room." He didn't wait for a reply he just hung up.

I get over there and I notice his room is untouched.
'Is he seeing Paula?' I wonder.'If so she really is the town bicycle.'
"You like this place its great. They made it to fit me. Even the shower, you gotta see it." He winks at me.
"Cal if you've woken me so you can show me the fixtures..." I begin.
"C'mon it needs to be seen to be believed." He urges and winks again.
"Ok." I sigh. I just hope this isn't Cal regressing, or worse.
He shows me the shower and it is made for the super-sized mutant.
"Now look at the pressure." he says and turns on the tap. (Oops! thats faucet for you Americans.)
The water roars out of the shower head.
"Now we can talk without anyone listening." he says relieved.
"Pardon?" I ask.
"You know if anyone has listening devices in the hotel they wont hear us over the noise of the water." explains Cal.
"If you wanted to talk somewhere private why didn't you tell me." I reply.
"Cause I didn't want.." Cal stops. He looks around. "We're in you lair aren't we?"
"Yes but I call it my workshop." I answer.
"Dude you ride a sleigh on christmas eve. I dont't think so. This is a lair." he replies.
I ignore the Santa quip and get to business.
It seems Cal is intrested in finding out who is behind the Robo-Bea's. I tell him about me call from Nick Fury.
"So some chick who you used to date went bad, gay and then tried to kill you. Has escaped from SHIELD." Cal summed up. "Also at the same time some LMD's were stolen and she's sent them to kill you."
"Yes." I reply. "Her name is Julia Kerrick, she was my assistant at ASIO. SHIELD hired her to watch me, but she had other plans."
"Ok that explains the wanting to kill you. But why are they always Bea Arthur?" asks Cal.
"Oh that. Well its a default setting for all LMD's. You need a passkey to activate their body morphing. Kerrick doesn't have the skills to hack the passkey." I explain.
"So what does Kerrick look like?" asks Cal.
"She's blonde, blue eyed. 5'10. Around 55kg." I answer.
"Umm Koma those dimensions fit Goldy." points out Cal.
**** Click here to read of Kerricks capture by Koma ****


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ha ha, you're getting all kissy kissy I wuv you schmoopy do you want to snuggle? and she's just spying on your butt!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

This changes everything!

I'll never see Santa the same way again.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

So you're a bad breaker-upper, eh? I could've guessed that.

6:42 AM  

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