Saturday, January 13, 2007

Noel & Beast: Part 2 One smart Droid.

The train ride to Springfield was quite boring. Hank read, the cameraman slept, and I either continued working on the plans for Starlena or stared out the window. At one point as I was staring out the window Hank asked if I was okay. I just nodded and said “Yeah, I’m fine.”

"Hummmmm….. It seems like something is bothering you,” asked Hank .

“I’m fine, really. I was just thinking about my home planet.”

“Miss home already. Well I’m sure you will be able to go back soon.”

I scoffed, “Highly unlikely.”

“What, don’t you have any hope in your friends bringing that guy that has been after you to justice?”

I just look at him blankly. “That’s not what I mean of when I say HOME. I mean my home planet, not my home at Sky City. True I do miss being there, but I miss the beauty of Neptonian even more. It has been so long since I last seen it in it’s true glory.”

“Well can’t you go back to Neptonian?”

I just shake my head.

“Why not?”

After a short silence I say in a near whisper, “Because it was destroyed!” I look back out the window. I don’t really care to talk about it and I send Hank a silent message. He seems to get it and doesn’t continue with his questions. But I can sense them burning in him. I have a feeling this conversation will come up later. I watch the trees and fields go by and then the next thing I remember is Hank shaking me telling me we were at our destination. I must have fallen asleep.

Once we get off the train find our next Detour. We must choose between good and evil. In good we have to help the GI Joes with a rescue mission. In Evil we have to come up with world domination plans and show the Cobra Commanders.

We decide to go with good. After dealing with Lex Luthor in Smallville, I have seen enough evil. Plus a rescue mission sounds pretty easy. So we head over to the GI Joe command center to meet with Duke.

Once there, Duke fills us in with what he knows so far. There are several nuclear scientist being held captive by the Evil Cobra Commanders in the Terrordrome located just outside of town. The Terrordrome is surrounded by a fence and is highly guarded. However Duke informs us that it may be easier to slip through the fence at night, if we can avoid the spot lights. And the guards make rounds around the yard every fifteen minutes. That should give us plenty of time to get through the yard. However no one is certain what goes on inside.

So we plan on attacking the place at 2200 hours, under the cover of darkness. I suggested that Hank, I and our camera man should just sneak in, get the scientist, and get back out anyway possible. I figured if we force our way in, they will know we were after the scientists and either move them or have them heavily guarded. But if we do a sneak attack we will be in and have the scientists before they even know we are there. Plus I know if it was just Hank and I, we could move faster and be in and out like that. The more people in a group the more likely it is to be spotted. Duke liked the idea. But he said he would have a team ready if problems should arise.

We have several hours before we attack. Duke gives us a room so we can get ready and rest up. Since I slept on the train I’m not all the tired. So I decide to work on my project for Starlena. Hank went off to do some training exercises. He did ask me to join him, but I have more important stuff to do. After figuring out the last of the blue prints an idea hit me. I could build these here and now and use them for this mission. I quickly take my plans to Duke and asked him if he made the materials I needed to build them. And he just so happened to have everything I need. He takes me to a supply room and tells me I can use what ever I need. I thank him and get to work. I know building something like this, in this short of time will be a challenge. But I love a good challenge. I quickly set to work.

Several hours later and just a half hour before we head out, Hank finds me sitting on the floor in the supply room surrounded by wire and other bits and pieces of electronics. But I am done I managed to built four of them:

Probe Droids.

These are specially designed with secret surveillance in mind. The three color ones come with an electric over ride, meaning they can take out security cameras and put them on a repeat program. So the person in the main security office watching over all the cameras will see the same hallway but not us. They will also be our eyes ahead of us, spotting any guards. The last and most important one has the ability to get into the main computer, un-lock doors for us and last but not least show us where the scientist are being held. They all have cloaking devises installed into them so no one can see them. All we have to do is take out the guards we run into and get to the scientist.

I show my babies to the men and they are impressed. I think all men like fancy electronics.

I then run to my room and change. After I come out I give the men something else to look at. Am I bad or what.

I see Hank has changed into his X-men uniform. Now that gives ME something to look at. He looks rather nice in leather. One of the men wants us to pose so he can get a picture of us. Well I think he wants a picture of just me but don’t want to admit it.

Don’t we make a great looking team. See I can be sexy too.

At 2130 hours we head out to the Terrordrome. We set base camp up on a nearby hill in a small grove of trees. I survey the area. I see a small patch of trees near the fence. I tell Hank that is where we are going to enter. Duke gives us a small ear piece and a transmitter so we can talk to him. Hank and I, along with the cameraman, make our way down to the fence. While we wait for the go single, I use some wire snips and cut a hole in the fence. Once 2200 comes and the all clear is sent, we make our way to the main building. I take the lead and Hank takes up the rear. The cameraman stays between us. He was told that is his spot the whole time we are doing this mission. Don’t need to have our cameraman caught or killed.

We weave in and out of the lights, taking short timed pauses so we don’t get caught in the light. It takes some time but we all make it safely to the main building. We stop once we reach the wall of the Terrordrome, in a spot where the lights don’t reach. I dig into my bag and take out the three small probe droids. They start up and I put on an pair of special glasses that lets me see what they are seeing in a small screen in the upper right corner of my eye. I check them over and make sure they are working. Once I’m satisfied that they are working just fine, I turn on their cloaking devises and the three droids disappear. I then take out the big probe and active it. I check and see if it’s systems are working and once I’m satisfied I turn on it’s cloaking devise. Now lets see them in action.

Using a small remote I set the droids out and around to the main door. Once there I can see that the entrance is unguarded. But it has a locking system on it. Easy enough for the big droid to handle. Using the remote I tell the droid to get to work and over ride the locks on the door. A couple minutes pass and the doors light blinks green singling that it is unlocked. We make our way from our hiding spot and to the front door. We make it through the doors and into the building without being seen. Once we close the main doors it locks again. I send the probes up ahead of us. We need to find the main computer and see where the prisoners are being held.

We slowly make our way down the hallway. Carefully checking each room as we go. Most of them look like offices or conference type rooms. Nothing really important in any of them. We also don’t see any guards, but plenty of security cameras, which are easily dealt with. We travel down a number of hallways and stair wells, until we finally see a door the shows some promise. I send my droids to work, Biggy (as I started calling the large droid) quickly unlocks the door. The small droids enter the room and take out the cameras. They also spot two men sitting at what looks like a large computer. They have their backs turned to the door. I single to Hank and tell him he can deal with these men. I watch him as he enters the room and even before they know someone else is there with them, they are on the floor unconscious. It happened so fast that I barely say it myself.

I enter the room as Hank ties up the two men and places them in a storage locker. After looking over the computer myself I see we have found the main security post. And the prisoners are in a small room just down the hall through another door. Why they have only two guys working in here is beyond me. But it makes my job easier. I have Biggy enter the main computer and down load what it can off it. This information may be helpful to Duke and the other GI Joe guys in the future.

While Biggy down loads the information, Hank and I go to free the prisoners. At first they are unsure of us. But once we explained that we are to rescue them they seem to trust us more. They follow us back to the security post. I inform Duke that we have the prisoners. And are still thinking of a plan to get out. I sit back down at the computer trying to think of something.

Finally, one of the scientists informs us that if we can get to the vehicle center, he can fly us out in a helicopter. I ask Biggy, who is still in the main computer, to find where they keep all their helicopters. It makes a series of beeps and then a map appears on the large screen. It high lights a large area in the middle of building. And it’s not very far from us. But how to get from here to their with out getting killed.

Biggy beeps angrily at me. Then the screen starts to flash, on the first screen it shows sleeping quarters with several men sound asleep. Then flashes to a map highlighting the area it was located. It was several floors down. Then it flashed to another room with men. These men were playing cards and drinking. It flashed again to show where it was located. This area was closer but still would take some time for them to show up. This also proved that nobody knows we are here yet. It once again flashed and showed where the helicopters were kept. It also showed that there was several men working on them. It zoomed in on one that was near the door and wasn’t being worked on.

I was trying to figure out what Biggy was telling us. But I couldn’t get over the fact it WAS trying to communicate with us. It was kind of freaky. Once the light went off, I understood. It was going to stay at the main computer and turn off all the power once we were near enough to the helicopter.

Once we had the plans set we headed out of the room. But before I left, I thanked the droid and took out the disk it had used to down load the information onto. Something about it had me wondering. How can a simple probe droid have learned so much in such a short time. And one the could communicate was never even heard of. I wonder if a virus or something got into it and that’s why it was acting up. It beeped at me sadly as I left the room. I looked back one last time before closing the door, and see it disappear behind it’s cloak.

*That’s one brave droid.*

After a short trek down a couple hallways. We see the doors to the vehicle center. We see them unlock as we approach. Biggy must be watching us. As planed Hank sneaks into the room and deals with the men in there, the camera man follows. I stay out with the scientist and I contact Duke and let him know we are coming out by helicopter. Duke informs me he will be heading back to the main head quarters. After several minutes Hank comes back and lets us into the room. We spot the helicopter and all pile into it. Once we are all strapped in and have the helicopter running the lights go out. And we take to the air. The hanger door above us opens and we see the night sky.

Once we clear the hanger doors we can see the men who work the guns, I forgot the guns. But it seemed Biggy didn’t, because the guns wouldn’t fire. I just chuckled to myself as we headed back to the GI Joe base camp .

Once we landed I gave Duke the disk and told him what was on it. He thanked me and gave us our destination to the pit stop. Hank and I jump into the SUV and head out.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You look pretty good in leather, too, i have to say.

8:00 AM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Frist let me say, nice job on buildin gthe probes. Why didn't I think of something like that.

Second: Could we have a show of hand on who else wants to pet Noel or is it just me?

11:33 AM  
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Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

SPLOGGGGGG!!!!! We're under attack!! Get the Joes, No not the Joes. Get someone who will blast them.

Aghhhhhh! Splog attack!!

(hope that wan't too over the top :)

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Blogger Pantha said...

WOW MEOW :):):):)

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Blogger Randy said...

Girl, you are as hot as a Blowtorch. I'm gonna ring you up on my phone.

Oh darn, I got no Dial Tone.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

That was a great picture. I'm pretty sure Hank is going to be getting a poster of that and putting it up in his room.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

I thought it was pretty good.

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Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

Noel, you are beautiful inside and out!!

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