Friday, January 12, 2007

Noel & Beast: Part 1 Lex, Lemons, and Little Kids.

Hank and I are on our way to Smallville. We HAD to use the train. But at least now I can get to see some of the landscape on this planet. It reminds me a little bit of home. I still wish I could have used my ship though. We would have been there already.

While we wait to get to Smallville I sit and work on some stuff, (non-race stuff, I can do that on down time, right?). Hank has been reading a book and I believe our cameraman fell asleep. Suddenly my com-link beeps. I turn it on and a small image of Jomb appears.

“Hey Jomb what do you want.” Jomb had told me he wouldn’t contact me while I race, unless it is an emergency.

“Ahhh, I just wanted to see how the race is coming along. Are you busy?” He asks.

“Nah, we are on a train to Smallville, so I have some time to chat.”

“I see you made it past round one.”

“Yeah, it was pretty easy. Can’t say what we did though. But it was fun.”

“That’s good.”

We sit there is an awkward silence for a few seconds. Finally I ask, “Is there a reason you called? You did tell me you wouldn‘t contact me unless it was an emergency. And asking about how the race is going isn‘t exactly an emergency.”

He looks down and says, “Sorry, I just wanted to see how you were doing, but…….”

I interrupted him, “So now what, you don’t trust Hank to take care of me. Or worse you think I can‘t take care of myself……”

“It’s not that,” he yells.

“Then what is it,” I yell back.

“It’s ahhhh……… nothing. Never mind.” He looks down again.

I sigh and say. “If you must know, I’m doing good. Hank had me go through an excellent exercise program with him. I’m as good as I will ever be.”

He just shakes his head and say, “That’s good. But the real reason I contacted you was to see how those plans were coming along.”

“Ohhhhh,” geez I feel like an idiot now. “Those are coming along just fine. I’m almost done with the blueprints, now I just need the materials to build them.”

“That good, I’ll let Starlena know.”

“How’s her mission coming along ?”

“Not to good, she almost got caught, twice. And Kloddo hasn’t shown up on Coruscant yet.”

I just sigh. I really want that man to pay for what he did to me, and for what he took away from me. Jomb looks at me like he knows what I am thinking. Even though I know he can’t hear my thoughts being this far away. It is weird not being able to communicate with one another telepathically. I feel some what alone. I just sigh again and glance out the window. This planet reminds me of my home planet. Before I can sigh again, Jomb interrupts me.

“Don’t let it bother you to much. Starlena is good at what she does. And you will be safe where you are. That monster won’t harm you again.”

“I’m not worried for myself.”

He looks at me and we are left with another awkward silence. This time it is Jomb who breaks it.

“Well, I better let you go. Just let me know once you have those built for us.”

Before I could answer him he shuts off his com-link. I just sigh (again) and put mine back in my carry on bag.

I turn and see both Hank and the camera man staring at me. “What?” I ask. I look at the camera man who happens to be filming. “Is that thing on? You better not be filming me.” I reach over to grab the camera from him. He pulls away. “Fine,” I grumble sitting back. “Don’t give a girl some privacy. See if I care.” I angrily cross my arms over my chest and stare out the window.

Man, I miss home.

A short time passes when an announcement comes over the trains loudspeakers. “NEXT STOP SMALLVILLE”

Once the train stops we get off and start searching for the High school. Hank is driving, and he gets lost. I mean this man can drive through down town New York and not get lost. But in a very small town in Kansas, he gets lost. I knew where is was but do you think he would listen to me, nooooooo. And stopping to ask direction, he only laughed .


He drove around so much even I got lost. After driving for what seemed like forever, we got a flat. Hank got out to fix it only to find out we had no spare. So after swearing and basically freaking out for a few minutes (he literally leveled a small forest). I just sat there and watched him. Trying to come up with a plan. Once he was done I decided it would be best to walk to the nearest house and call for help.

We only made it a few yards when a very nice limo pulled up next to us. A man rolled down his widow.

I leaned in and asked, “Sir, can you take us to the High School. We needed to get there hours ago.” I give Hank a dirty look.

The man just stares at me with wide eyes. I hate when people do that, it makes me nervous. And what is worse is this man stinks of evil and un-trust. He also smells like he’s had a few too many drinks. I start to think it would be best to just continue walking, but before I can the man speaks up.

“You said the High School, right. What’s going on at the High School.”

“Were part of the Amazing Mutant Race. And we’re supposed to go to the High School. But we got lost, and then got a flat. So can you help us?” Asks Hank.

He sits there thinking for a few seconds. “Yeah sure, hop in .” He slurs

Once in the limo he tells his driver to go. The limo is real nice, but I don’t take to much notice in it. I have this gut feeling that this man is bad. I also start to wonder if this will consider getting outside help. I hope not. I mean what else are we supposed to do. We were in the middle of no where and didn’t know which way to go. Walking would have taken hours.

So, as we sit in the limo. This man who has introduced himself as Lex Luthor, tries to talk to me. I try and ignore him as much as possible. Hank talks to Lex and so does the camera man. Lex don’t seem that bad, but he still stinks.

And sure enough my gut was right.

Instead of taking us to the High School he takes us back to his mansion.

He says we can call for help from his phone, in his office. I wanted to bring up the fact that he had a cell phone, so why didn’t he let us use that instead. But by now I’m so….. Well just sick of this mans crap.

He takes us to the office and once we are in it, he turns around and locks the door. I swear to myself and give Hank a look. He gives me a look of understanding. He then turns Lex and asks. “Just what the heck are you doing?”

Lex gives us an evil smile and says. “Well I have always wanted to get myself a mutant. Now I have two.” Then he takes out a gun and shoves it in the camera mans face. “But I’m not going to need you.” He stumbles a bit.

The camera man is scared stiff, he glances at us in pure fright. Hank just laughs at him and say “Well for starters do you know who you are dealing with. Secondly she isn’t a mutant.”

“Really then what is she?” Lex asks.

I smile and say “I’m actually an alien from another planet.”

Lex’s eyes bug out of his head and his jaw falls open. “A... a.... alien” He stammers. Then he gives us another evil smile. “That’s even better then a mutant. I‘m going to have fun studying you.”

Now it’s my turn to laugh. He looks at me dumbfounded. “Well how do you plan on doing that?” I ask.

He don’t have time to answer because Hank jumps him and snatches the gun away. “What,” was all he could say.

“Well, what do you say. Will you help us or not?” I ask.

“Never. You are still mine.” He runs over to his desk, but never makes it. Hank tackled him to the floor before he got there.

“Okay, I have had enough of your crap. You will take us to the school to do what we have to do there. If you try anything stupid I’ll have Beast here have his fun with you. You understand.” I ask giving him an evil smile. I know Hank wouldn’t hurt him…… to bad.

Lex agrees and we head back outside. Once we get to the front door we are stopped by a few of Lex’s men. I easily take care of them by using my power to make them pass out. I don’t like to use my powers to often, but I had no choice. This power I have is similar to my healing powers. I can heal someone just as easily as I can rip someone apart with my mind. To make a person pass out all I have to do is see into there brains and push a couple sensor areas and it’s nighty-night for them. But like I said I don’t use it that often since it tends to take a lot out on me. After dealing with the men I feel like passing out. But I make it back to the limo. I sit up front with the camera man, while Hank sits in back with Lex. We decided it would be best for the camera man to drive. (I have to ask him his name once I’m feeling better).

Lex gives us the directions, he would be stupid not too. Soon enough though we are at the High School. Everyone else has already set up and we see a couple teams gone. I swear quietly to myself. I tell Hank to stay with Lex. We may need him later. I run to find this Lana Lang. I see her talking to a couple of other people.

I run over and nearly fall over. I’m still light headed from what happened earlier. “I’m here, I’m here. Please tell me what I have to do.”

“Ahhhhhh yes, you must be Noel. I was getting worried about you. Where is your partner?” Lana asks.

“Ohhh Hank. He’s over there in the limo.... Ummmm... Talking with the guy who owns it. Long story, don‘t ask.”

“I see. Okay here is what you are supposed to do. You have to have to sell ten dollars worth of lemonade. You were the last to arrive so you get the booth over there.” She points to a small table with a stack of papers on it that was the furthest from the door. I swear under my breath again. I quickly head back to the limo and tell Hank what I am going to do. By now I see Lex has passed out.

Hank looks at me and asks, “Can you handle this one? You seem a bit under the weather.”

I just look at him and shake my head. More to get it clear then anything, I tell him, “I’ll be fine. Plus I do know how to run a business. I could sell ice to the people living on Hoth or sand to the people on Tatooine. I can surly sell some lemonade to some High School students. Just stay here and keep an eye on sleeping beauty, okay.” He just nods.

I run over to the booth and start working on getting the stuff set up. I make a few signs and make some lemonade out of fresh lemons. I have a recipe for some of the best lemonade ever. I even serve it in a couple restaurants on the Resort. I made this recipe after winning the lemon picking round on Big Brother, Naboo. After that round I ended up with a lot of lemons, so I just played around and experimented a little. And this lemonade was what came of it, also a very good pie.

I sit there and wait. But by the time everyone comes by my booth they either have a lemonade in hand, or have decided they didn’t what one. I see every one swarming Caliban, cause he is a mutant. I think, *Well geez what am I, well maybe not a mutant but I am different...* Then I look over at WarBirds and AOC‘s stand. They are using their looks to get customers. I just shake my head and think, *Hey I have a decent body. True I may have some extra hair and look like a cat. But I can still be sexy too. I’ll just have to prove it on our next mission.* That thought made my smile.

I am so caught up in my thoughts that I nearly scream when someone pulls my tail. I turn to see who did it and give them a piece of my mind, only to see this little boy looking up at me with wide eyes.

I smile at him and crouch down so I’m looking eye to eye with him. I say, “Hello there, would you like some lemonade.”

The boy eyes go even wider. “You can talk, I have a cat at home and she can’t talk.” Kids can be so cute.

I just smile. “Well, I’m not really a cat, you know. I am not from around here that’s why I look so different.”

The boy just nods.

“So would you like a glass of lemonade, it’s fresh and it's a secret recipe. It’s way better then the other stuff they are selling over there.”

The little boy nods again, and I hand him a glass. He pays for it and sips it. “Hey this is really good.”

“Thanks.” I said smiling at him. I go back and sit down, but the boy just stands there staring at me. So I go back over and ask. “Is there something else you wanted or needed?”

The boy looks down at his feet and says, “Well I.... was.... Ummmm... Wondering if I could ..... Ahhhhh… pet you.”

I sit there a bit shocked. But figured hey why not. So I tell him it’s okay. He reaches over and touches my face. He then pets down my face. He does this a couple time then stops. “Hey can I have a couple of my friends come over and pet you too? I think they may like it. They don’t have a cat and like to pet mine. And you are much softer and nicer then her.”

I sit back and think a minute. And an idea hit me, “Sure why not, bring as many friends over here that you have. But they will have to buy a lemonade too.”

The boy runs off. Within minutes he is back and he has a swarm of kids with him. I sold them their lemonade and let them pet me afterwards. It was rather enjoyable. You should have heard the kids giggle once I started to purr. I just couldn’t help it.

Soon enough, I have enough money plus a few extra dollars. But I did have a hard time getting away from the kids. One little girl told me she wanted to take me home. I smiled at her and said I couldn’t do that. I mean can you see a kid going home and telling their parents “Hey, look what followed me home today.” And I go “Hello, I hope you don’t mind if I stay, do you?” I could just imagine the looks on their faces.

Well once I got away from the kids and went back to Lana. She gave me the next mission. Head back to the train station and go to Springfield, Missouri. I quickly head back to Hank and the limo. He drives again, and promises me he wouldn’t get lost this time. I sit in back with the still sleeping Lex. He is going to have one hell of a hang over once he wakes up. But just to make sure he don’t remember us I join minds with him and erase the memories. Now he won’t know about us until the show airs. And by then we will be long gone.


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

We only made it a few yards when a very nice limo pulled up next to us. A man rolled down his widow.

That was no man, that was an evil scientist!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Takes one to know one.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Hey! Just because I might use my discretion on the moral implications of using my powers to manipulate other people's minds, does not necessarily make me evil.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

I always suspected Hank was bad at spacial geometry.

Now that my hypothesis has been confirmed, I can finally claim a success on my timesheet.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Kon-El said...

Sigh Lex embarrisin' me , anfd yourself once again!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Yo pretty lady, you've got the right Altitude to win this race. You're allright, Airtight, and out of sight!

3:00 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Wow, How much more lemonade would I have sold if I let the the students pet me.

I guess Prof X and CBS might have had some issues with that.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Noel of Neptonian said...

AOC: Your version of petting they may have a problem with.

I guess there is a plus to being a furry half cat. The kids just love me. And I admit I have grown found of Earth kids.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

This was the most wonderful post I have ever read!! I am totally crying tears of joy!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

very cute sequence with the lemonade stand, Noel.

6:54 AM  

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