Saturday, January 20, 2007

Noel & Beast: Part 3, Time to Preform

We arrive at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas early in the morning. I'm still half asleep trying to think of which Detour we should do. We must choose between Star and Lackey.

In Star, we have to stage a head lining act at Caesar’s Palace that night. The audience members will be given electronic grading devices. And we have to get three out of five stars. Doesn't sound to hard.

In Lackey, We will be required to be the personal assistants for Celine Dion for a period of five hours. This sounds pretty easy too, but if Celine Dion Doesn't like we can get fired. If we get fired we HAVE to do the Star one.

After a short discussion we decide to go with Star. Now the question is what kind of act do we do.

As we sit back stage trying to think of something this group of people walk up to me and just stare. So I ask, "Ummmm.... is there a reason you are just staring at me?"

"Ohhhh wow. She's a real cat, and she talks." One young man cries out.

"Well I'm not really a cat, I'm from Neptonian we all looked like this."

"That is so cool." A young woman said.

"Hey you know you two would be perfect in the show we are all in." Said another man.

Hank and I look at one another and smile. I think we found our show for tonight.

I look back at the group and ask "So, what kind of show is this and can we preform tonight?"

The group looks at one another and a man says "Well we are not supposed to show tonight. There having people from the Amazing Mutant Race 3 do their shows tonight."

"Well you are looking at one group right now."

"Really..... well then lets see how we can help." Said one man.

"Hey, wouldn't that be an unfair advantage having professionals help out?" Asked another man.

"Well I think it is totally fair since I almost got killed doing that last Roadblock," I explain. "And I believe someone is doing it on purpose."

The group gasps.

Well then, I think we can help out then. Plus it may be kind of fun. We have been off for awhile and have to get used to performing on stage again." A woman states.

The group nods in agreement.

"Okay then, lets get started." I say, and follow the group even further back stage.

Several hours later.

Hank and I are if full costume and are ready for our performance. We spent all day memorizing lines and where to walk on stage. I have no problem with any of it since I have an excellent memory.

What we are preforming you ask.

Perfect huh.

I have the part as Grizabella the Glamour Cat.

It's a smallish part, but I do sing.

Hank has the part of Old Deuteronomy.

He sings too. Neither of us has to dance.

If you have never seen Cats I'll fill you in on some details. Which you can read HERE. No need to make this any longer then need be. So read it if you like.

Hank is on stage most of the time, while I go on to crash the Jellicle Ball several times.

Here if the film of part of my party crashing:

The Jellicle Ball

Also here is some film footage of my big number:

CATS Memory

Here is the lyrics:Click Here.

And here is Hanks big number:

The Ad-Dressing of Cats

Here is the lyrics: Click Here.

Once we were done with the performance, everyone voted and we got five stars (of course). Our Pit Stop was at the hotel lobby.... not a far run. I wonder if will be first, middle, or last. Lets hope at least for middle.

If you want more footage I'll be happy to post it.


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

You are quite the talented singer, Noel. That was certainly some impressive production values you managed to throw together.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

Now I'm kind of sad they're off Broadway.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Danny Bailey said...

great posts Noel

12:14 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

Cats! I looooveeee Cats! You are the best non-human human ever!!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

I think you and Hank make a great couple.

10:18 AM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I would say great show, but I am now all stuffed up due to my allgeries to Cats, not the animal, the Musical

5:39 PM  

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