Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Team Koma gettin closer

"Oh great!" I shouted. "Now we have to be like the great unwashed."
"Told you Professor don't like cheaters." reminded Caliban.
And on top of all of that Shaquille O'Neil's lawyers have gotten on to CBS so I'm not allowed to use the holo-projector. At first I thought it was just the fact that I used a celebrity, but no I can't use it at all. Its supposed to be the Amazing Mutant Race they say. If thats how he looks thats how he looks.
What was I to do? Ok so I couldn't use the teleporter to travel places. And I can't hide Calibans monstrous features. So what do I do. I Make the best of the situation. Hey I'm a genius, I'm supposed to think my way out of things.

So we get to the SUV and there's this girl there waiting for us.

"Hello Camera-lady!" Welcomes Caliban to the third member of our troop.
"Your not supposed to reffer to me. I'm the silent party." Explains Camera-lady
"Ok." answers Caliban.
"You know our names but we don't know yours. I'm sure Cal would perfer calling you by your name rather than Camera-lady all the time." I explain.
"Oh how silly of me I'm Goldy Luckman." introduces Goldy offering her hand.
"Hello Goldy. Me Caliban." Caliban takes her hand and as softly as he can shakes it.
Goldy then puts her hand to her ear piece.
"Ok" she nods. "All right no more chit-chat we're on." Goldy assumes the position with camrea on her shoulder and begins filming.
"We go now!" shouts Caliban as he opens the rear door and vaults in. Hey as if he was going to fit into the passenger seats.
Goldy rode shotgun. I started the car and rode off to the train station.
"Koma?" asked Goldy meekly. "Your on the wrond side of the road."
"Oh yeah thats right they drive on the right hand side of the road over here." I realised. "I don't drive all the time."
Man that was embarrasing. I grinned like an idiot for a while. I got into the swing of things and then we were at the station.

We go to the ticket window the lady there looks at me and then at Caliban and Goldy.
"Your another o' those Mutie racers aren't you." she sighs.
"Yes we are ma'am." I confirmed. "So if you could kindly rustle up tickets to Smallville for us, that'd be great." Politness in an Evil Genius I hear you think amazed. Well look at it this way if I treat this woman like dirt she's going to treat me like dirt, and I wont get any tickets. You always treat people with power respectfully. When they have given you what you want, then you can betray them.
"The big guy will have ta' travel with the luggage." spits the ticket lady.
"Then so will we." I smile back. I had gathered something like this would hapen. But Caliban was a bit taken aback by it. We rush to the train and get to the luggage car.
"What the hell's this?" shouts the conductor. Over the noise of the engine.
"This is Caliban, and he's not from hell." I explain.
"Is it house trained?" he shouts again.
"Yes." I shout back. I look to Caliban he's scowling now. I hope he doesn't loose it.
The conductor shakes his head and gestures us into the coach. After all the other luggage is on board the train starts up and we are on our way.
"So want anything from the dining car." I ask Caliban and Goldy.
"No!" huffs Caliban. "They probably don't serve mutants from Hell."
I get up and go to the dining car and Goldy follows. I ask her to stay with Caliban. But she says they'll have someone filming him. It wasn't what I meant.
I get to the dining car and there's Henchy and Elixer with Angel and AOC.
"Hey Koma I heard Caliban's in the luggage car. Where'd you find a cage big enough for him. The Zoo." cracks AOC.
I ignore it. That white maggot's going down. It's just a matter of time.

So we get to Smallville and I've been able to clam Caliban down. The taxi's are all lined up by the station waiting for the racers.
"They're all too small for Caliban." gripes the big albino.
"Umm ok. They've been able to get a special taxi for you guys." announces Goldy. "It over... whoa!." she points to a nice red utility, beside it is a smiling country farm boy.

Who apart from making Goldy drool is, according to my sensors not human.
"Thanks for this." I say getting into the front. Already in the back Caliban is smiling and making revving sounds.
"No problem its good help out those who are a... bit different." says the alien farm boy. "By the way the names Clark Kent." he puts his hand out to shake.
"Captain Koma, you can call me Austin." I offer mine.
The ride is uneventful and we arrive at the school. The Roadblock is challenege is given to us.
I think about it for a second.
"Cal do you think you can do this one?" I ask.
"Maybe." answers Caliban.
"Good. Then its yours." I reply.

Lana comes and leads Cal to the lemonade stand. She shows him what to do and I cross my fingers.

Within no time the students flock to Caliban they want to know where he's from, what are his powers and wether he got them from an meteor rock or not. He also sells ten bucks worth of lemonade. Am I a genius or what. I get the Roadblock done and I boost Calibans self-esteem. So its back on the train and we're back in the luggage car. But this time Caliban's not sulking. He's still on a high from the Roadblock. But it could also be from all the sugar he ate while making the lemonade.
"We go to Springfield and see Bart and Homer and my Favourite Nelson. Ah-Hah!" He mimiks.
"Wrong one Cal." I correct. Though I'm sure that mistake may just be taken by at least one of the others teams.

We get to the station and we pick up the Detour challenge.
Oh great we have to choose Good or Evil.
In Good we have to save some nuclear scientists. You know of all the scientists, those of the nuclear variety have a higher chance of being kidnapped than any other. Of course the lowest is computer scientist, but thats because they have no friends and noone notifies law enforcement of their dissapearence. Try it, as long as you post generic rants on the victims forums noones the wiser. (I kidnapped J'onn months ago and none of you guys noticed)
Then there's Evil. Give the Cobra elite a plan to conqour the world.
Ha! Piece of cake. I make plans to take over the world in my sleep.
"Caliban make plan too!" offers my ablino team mate.
Oh well why not both of us make a plan and see which one the Hydra oops! Serpent Society damn! AIM carp! Al-queda oh thats right I gotta meet with them on Thursday. Cobra. Yeah thats them. See which one Cobra likes.

So I give them my idea. (click the here to see the full plan)

Its an old one and I never had the man power to put in into operation. But for a group like Cobra it shouldn't take more than 3 years to come to fruition.

Then I let Caliban give his. (click here to see the full plan)

They smiled a lot during his presentation. I felt sorry for the kid. Big robots are the take over the world classic. But it never works. There's always some small group of heroes. Who in a last ditch suicide mission penetrate the central control bunker and plant a virus or something to save the day.

The Cobra guys tell us to leave while they make their minds up. They don't take long which makes it all the more surprising when they tell me.
"Your plan was good Koma but we need results now. So we are going with Caliban's plan. Our scientists are busy incorporating Caliban's design."

"Yay! Victory dance." and thats what Caliban did.

We left the Cobra losers. And raced off to the finish.

Please not the SUV is an AUDI. When Koma drives Koma drives in style.


Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That big robot looks kind of like Gyrobo. What's his cut in all this?

11:35 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

See that is COBRA's problem. Always going for the plan that a 9 year old can understand. It is no wonder that GI Joe is alway making them jump our of explodign equipment to land in ponds or something.

2:03 AM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Aslo, thanks fo rthe mention in your telling of the tale. Look for you and Caliban in my version. Muhahahahahahaha

2:04 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Looks like your camera lady is Green Lantern.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Yo dog, that plan's off that hook! Those Vipers will make a lot of Scrap Iron with those big robots.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

I like Caliban's idea better too. You are going down. Insult, my Lexas.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

You are an amazing person who totally deserves to win this race!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Kon-El said...

Dad always helps out the wrong people

8:55 PM  
Blogger captain koma said...

But Tak didn't notice Bea Arthur's cameo as the ticket lady.

10:44 PM  

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