Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AOC: Waiting out the Yield.

I am waiting in the Asgard lobby for the Yield to end. Angel and Ralph are checking out the gift shop. My comm. Link dings. It is a message from Proffsor X, telling me to come to his makeshift office.

As I enter the office I can see he is not happy.

“TK-266, your recent allegation against some of the other contestant and one of our judges is very disturbing!”

I just stand there not sure what to say.

“Where did you get those pictures? What are you trying to do?” he ask

“They were delivered to me, Professor. Honest. Here is the envelope.” As I hand it to him, another picture falls out.


“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS’ the professor screams “WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS” He puts his hand to his head and I begin to thrash about


“Wake up, you are having a bad dream” I hear in my ear.

I keep my eyes closed for a moment, trying to clear my head. “Wow, I just had the worse nightmare. I dreamed that Paula and the professor ….”

“Oh don’t be silly, you know you’re the only one for me” a sugary voice says as I open my eyes

Say it So Joe!!!!


“Wake up, Mr. TK-266, wake up” It is Ralph the cameraman. “The Yeild is over. You seem to be having a bad dream. I told you not to eat a tuna fish sandwich from a vending machine.”

“Oh man Ralph. That was a dozy of a nightmare. I dreamed that I kept finding picture of the other contestants in bed with Paul Abdrool. Even the Professor. It was creepy to say the least.”

Angel come walking up, “Tak, that was no dream. It is all over the tabloids about a lot of the contestants sleeping with Paula. But no worries, it happens on every show she does. Let’s head to Japan.”



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You're like my white knight, slaying the evil bald dragon!!

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