Tuesday, February 06, 2007

AOC: Meeting the Gods. part 1

As we run out of the Disneyland hotel lobby I am trying to hail a cab. Angle sees a bunch of “kids” hanging out by a Beach display. He looks at and says “I’ll take care of this one.”

OFF TO 90120

In a few minutes we are in a large van with the BH kids has they call themselves. One of the girls didn’t want to give us a ride, until she saw the Ralph with the TV Camera. Then she changed her mind quick.

As we enter the Marvel Studios, We are greeted by a Norse God. “I am Mighty Thor” He booms.


So am I, but it is only due to smashing my finger in the van door” I say back to him.

Thor just glares at me, wave his hammer at us and we are transported to the Bridge of Asgard.

Yippie! It a rainbow red carpet just for us! How did they know?” Squeals Angel.

Ralph rolls his eye. We head across the bridge and find a large person blocking our way. In front of him is a table with several flagons.

"I am Valstagg!” he thunders in a jolly pleasant voice. “I am the hidden god of the Norse, who can not be found on Wiki. One of you must drink with me for an hour. If you remain conscious, then I will give you the next clue.” Valstagg beams down at us.

Hey, Mr. V. Before we start can I ask a question?” I inquire

Of course you may, he of the white armor. I got a question for you. Is your friend a male version of the Valkrie?” Valstagg says

Yeah …. Something like that. So what is you philosophy on drinking?” I reply

Valstagg rubs his chin. “I think one should drink to enjoy the company of friends, see the world through new and joyous eyes and to make one even jollier. Does that answer your question?”

Yes, it does. Angel will drink with you.” I call out.

What?!?!?!?” Angel spits at me.

Valstagg fills the large gallon flagons for Angel and himself.

Just as they are about to drink I ask Angel “So did you Father call you back yet?”

Angel wings and shoulders slump and he lets out the most pathetic sigh I have ever heard. “No

Valstagg raises an eyebrow, but puts down his drink. “What the matter? Why so glum? Have a drink and tell me what is making you sad?

Angel takes a sip and stat to talk to Valstagg. “My father has never accepted who I am, I mean who I really am. Can you imagine what that feels like? Always trying to change me, even at the youngest age. He made me feel like I had to cut my wings off as a child……”

This went for a while. Valstagg would try to interrupt with a “but..” or a “I think …” , but would quickly be pulled down in the morass that is Angel’s life. I don’t think Valstagg even touched his drink again, but Angel is nursed his drink. I poured a tall one for me and Ralph. The timer went off and I asked Valstagg for the clue.

Here” he said in a depressed voice, “you have to go to something …. Or something else ….. I need to go home.”

As we head to the Detour, Angel is still glum. He looks at me “Tak, that wasn’t very nice. Now I am all depressed. You need to cheer me up some. You know what I want.”

No Freaking way! Not in front of the cameras! No freaking way” I give him a hard look.

Ralph speaks up. “Oh come on. You had done it half a dozen time in from of me. No need to be ashamed

Come on” They both plead.

You’ll turn the camera off.” I ask Ralph

Ralph nod the affirmative and pretends to turn off the camera..

I start to sing

Who knows what tomorrow bringsIn a world,

few hearts survive
All I know is the way I feel
When it's real,
I keep it alive
The road, is long,

There are mountains, in our way
But we climb a step, every day
You lift us up where we belong,

Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high
You lift us up where we belong,
Far from the world we know,
Up where the clear winds blow
Some hang on to used to be ...

I hope Koma never find out about this.



Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Whoopsie. Volstagg is spelled with an 'O' and not an 'A'. I choose to blame Gambit.

9:36 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

So who was Angel talking too? His brother? Does it count for the leg? Great! I had a perfect scam, wasted on a shirttail relative of a minor god. :)

10:43 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

No, no. It's the same guy. You know how names change slightly when translated from different languages. It's just if check the Wiki with the 'O' spelling, you'll find info on the fat one.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Thor's not going to get hit in the face by a goose while on a roller coaster is he? 'Cuz that would just be too strange for me to believe.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Man, you guys are taking all of the good ideas.

10:52 PM  
Blogger captain koma said...

Ah! The croaky tones of Joe Cocker's hit song.

I love that song. It reminds me of growing up in Perth.

Long time drinking dude.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

Extra! Gambit Gets Grief From Grumpy Gus! Read all about it!

Also, that was mighty thawsome.

6:04 PM  

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