Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pit Stop

Well, this may be a zombie infested hell-hole, but it is filled with some very hot women. The studio asked a bunch of them to be there to greet the winners. Perhaps it was also a precautionary measure, just in case the winners had some tag-alongs.

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We wait in a fairly zombie proof underground bunker. Above us we hear some commotion. Whoever is going to come in first doesn’t sound very coordinated. The women shift uneasily, all too familiar with having to deal with zombies. We switch to the security cameras. The one team member is dragging along the other one. They stagger into the police station. The looking around confused, there is no one inside the building. They head towards a sign written on bright yellow construction paper with blue crayon that says ‘Relax’ on it. They look at one another and shrug. Suddenly the floor falls out from underneath them and they lay in a pile in front of the professor and 3 well armed women who are all pointing their weapons at the two men.

“Gyrobo, Gambit, congratulations! You are the first ones to arrive. There is a cell down the hall you can relax until the next leg of the race.”

Over time more and more contestants fall through the floor, always welcomed by the business ends of the greeters' guns. Actually, it does take some time for a few teams to get through. AOC and Angel take awhile, almost making them 873-8253 indeed. And I let Jon and Nightcrawler wander a bit to appease the creepy Scientologists that he didn’t conquer who might come after me.
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Scientology Minon

When I hit the button to drop them through the floor all at once, Nightcrawler bamfs Jon to soild ground and Angel flies AOC to safety. Their camera crew, however do land on the floor with a resounding thud.

“Ach lieben, it vas a trap,” we hear from above.

“Yeah, dude, I totally saved you. But you are a bit heavy. Could you take off some armor perhaps?”

Morons. I look at Alice, point to Angel’s right wing and nod. She raises her weapon and shoots him in the wing with heavy duty bean bag. Down he falls, taking AOC, who grabs Nightcrawler’s tail, who is still holding Jon from their high five. Mmm, that’s some good tv.

As Elixir waits to heal Angel, the Professor looks down at the men. “I’m sorry it took you all so long, but I did promise Simon a bit of fun at someone else’s expense, and not mine, of course. Unfortunately, that fun has caused you to both come in last. But fortunately for you, we had decided that the flesh eating zombie round should be a non-elimination round. We were betting that at least one team would lose part of or maybe even a complete team member during all of this, so we decided to be nice and let all who survive continue. So go, relax, enjoy the underground zombie proof bunker.”

I should mention there were some loses. Camera men were lost, particularly Noel & Beast’s. We are left to assume that they finished the assignment and weren’t off in some room doing things that could be detailed in some bad romance novel called Blue Passion, Blue and Furry or Feline Lovin’.



Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Yeah Gyrobo!! I think Noel and Hank took Koma's advice and got a room.

Congrats to everyone who didn't get eaten and I am so happy at 873-8253 didn't happen to all of us.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

873-8253? Is that some kind of storm trooper code?

3:56 PM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

I'll see what I can do about the cameraman shortage.

6:40 PM  

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