Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vegeta and Wolverine Vs Marvel ( and DC) Zombies ( Special collector's edition!)

"Ok!" I shout at Mel The Camera man , and Logan. " Who stole my clothes, and left me with this?"

" Bwhahahahahahahahaha!" Logan. Answers After about fifteen minutes of non stop mocking he finally says. " I saw Cyke, and Angel Messin' with yer things a while ago. But one thing is fer sure. Ya ain't gonna be goin' racin' with me lookin' like a flamin' fool. Here let me give ya one O' my old costumes."

Not bad except it itches, a lot. So we drive al the way to The Grand Canyon Me scractching like an insane animal the whole way. While Logan talks about a Stunt drive I find my battle armor In Cyclops. And Warbird's SUV.

after changing back into my normal clothing, I sit thinking of how I shall avenge my self on those two idiots.

I could just beat them senseless I think when I see this Logan with Scott's bike.

" What are you doing? " I ask.

" That rocket bike looked crappy so I'm attachin' the rocket ta Scott's engine. "

I roll my eyes. " I see this turning out well."

He grins " Which is why I ain't usin' my bike. "

Can't beat that logic. I think to my self with much sarcasm. He drives his bike off the precipice, then turns on the rocket engine. Of course it goes up in a fiery inferno. But the scrap with Logan still riding it makes it over to the other side.

" How did I do? " he yells. Free Image Hosting at

" Um great?" I utter trying to figure out how he's talking, moving, or still alive for that matter. We get our clue go by train. To Raccon city. Logan keeps wondering why people Are running in horror at the site of him.

" Possibly because your a talking metal skeleton?" I suggest. What's more disturbing is the fact that I turn away for a second, and suddenly he has muscle growing around his face. I'm so thankful to his girlfriend, Ana for dressing him . Because at this rate he's going to have skin again soon.

When we get to the city. some woman who sounds like a she's voiced by a bad actor or something tells us our next challenge is to either kill, or cure the zombies . Guess which one we pick?
if You chose kill you've been paying attention.

I smash my way into the underground levels . Some person with a chainsaw for a hand, jumps Wolverine from behind. Free Image Hosting at

" Hey ya jerk I ain't no Flamin' zombie!" Logan protests knocking away the chainsaw."

" Yeah that's what all the zombies say." The odd man shoots back.

I pull the two apart. " This one's telling the truth He's not undead just annoyingly unkillible. Mr. Um.."

" Ashe. I moved here to get away from zombies."

" Good job!" Logan quips.

"How was I supposed to know they'd show up here as well? So is that girl over there a mutant? Or a zombie? "

" Never seen her before." I shrug.

" Groovy." He answers revving up the saw. We leave him to his fun. When we get to the generator room this disgusting huge zombie runs up to me mumbling "Stars!" and shoots me in the face.

Exploding shells can't kill me but damn are they annoying. So after beating Mr ugly with his own weapon. We finally reach the generator. And the explosives. I notice Logan's finally healed all the way . Not sure if he's uglier now or not.

A voice distracts us . That's when I notice his Ki whoever it is he's alive. " Welcome to the next phase in your challenge Vegeta , and Logan. "

" Dr Doom!" Logan growls. Free Image Hosting at

" What is the Ruler of Latveria doing here?" I demand.

" Did Xavier not tell you? Oh of course he did not. Doom is Executive Producer of this show. And I have decided the two of you have not been challenged enough yet! Which is where my pets come in." He gestures at the zombie Fantastic Four around him. " Recognize them Saiyan Prince?"

" Ya turned the FF inta zombies?" Logan questions.

" I wish! No Doom has plucked them from another reality one like the one The Prince here survived."

I'm shocked there's another reality where these horrors live um sort of live. " Doom are you mad? Wait don't answer you call yourself Dr Doom of course you are. But do you know what would happen if these things get to the superhuman population? This planet will be overrun!"

" Bah!" He declares. " Doom had made arrangements to make sure that does not happen. So here is your challenge destroy the complex and survive, or die it matters not to Doom!"

More zombies attack all versions of heroes I've known or heard of. Free Image Hosting at

" So Ya survived these things before eh? How?" Logan quietly says.

" I blew up the planet they were on."

" Yeah, don't do that this time. " he slashes off undead Capitan America's head , then uses his shield as a weapon! I'm trying to keep zombie Hulk from taking a bite out of me while the other slowly lumber towards me and Logan.

" Hulk is hungriest one there is!" the fiend shouts in my face my stomach turning from it's breathe. I tear it arms off then blast it's head off. Lucky for me this Hulk doesn't heal, or get near as strong as the living version.

The next one that goes down is the Thing who I break into rocks. Meanwhile Logan is being blasted by a zombie version of the Wasp. " Ya know Jan I never got what Hank was thinkin' with her power kinda shrinkin' is stupid if ya ask me."

" What do you Mean I'm fast enough to stay out of your way Logan!"

" Nah! Ya see I'm keepin' yer flesh eatin' buddies offa me. But ya see a little kid can stop ya like this." He swats her then stomps her like a bug. " An that is that."

I take Zombie Thor's hammer away from him , and I'm disappointed. That it's just concrete and pipe. I throw through the heads of several ghouls. Zombie blood making the others slip and fall were easy to blast. Like The clumsy Giant man who started crying when Logan killed his woman.

A decayed Capitan Mar-Vell blasts me with his nega bands while an obscene Iron Man Hits me with a sonic attack. Stark takes off his face plate and licks his lips . " Saiyan for dinner!"

I crush his head. " Thank you. I wanted to kill Iron man. For some time. This way no one cares. " Mar- Vell comes at me again. I grab him and ask " Is the rumor I hear true?"

I slam the two bands together, and he transforms into a normal zombie Rick Jones, who I then tear apart. Taking the cosmic powered bands I throw them at the generator with the explosives.

Forget setting them I'm just going to blow this place up with my power. I'm grabbed while powering up for a Final Flash I turn and No! Not you two! Image Hosted by

" Yes Father! We're hungry!" screeches Bra.

" Feed us! Trunks growls. They advance towards me I can't kill them I... My daughter's head is sliced of by a red white and blue shield, while My Boy's eyes sprout Adamntium claws.

" Yo! Veg Head don't flip out on me now! That wasn't yer kids Yer kids are at home , and they'll stay alive if we stop this here!" I snap out of it ,and clear the rest of the living corpses from the area. While Logan meets someone familiar. Free Image Hosting at

After slashing one another the undead Wolverine bites Logan. " It don't matter if ya live or not now bub! Now you're gonna be one O' us!" cackled the undead one states.

"No I ain't! I'll beat this!" Logan shouts.

His counterpart. Shakes his head. " The pain is too much fer ya you'll give in I did !"

" Ya ain't me!" protests Logan as he pokes his claws in his other self's eye socket, and destroys his brain. I throw Logan through the roof and follow. Firing The Final Flash it hits both the generator , and the Nega bands taking out half the city.

I stare at Logan wondering if I'll have to kill him soon. He's clutching his chest yelling " Pain ain't nothin!"

Then I'm distracted by thisFree Image Hosting at " Oh sh..." I get out before a Superspeed punch breaks my nose. Great Kal- El is as strong as I when I'm fresh. Which I'm not. I don't have enough ki left to turn ss4.

I avoid the zombie's bite for my neck and slam my elbow in his face.

He answers by hitting me with Heat Vision. " Cooked just like I like it. " he grins looming over me. For some odd reason I grab his cape , and throw it over his face.

" No! My heat vision can't go through my invulnerable cape!" He yelps.

invulnerable cape? That's something this reality's version doesn't have. In fact he's always complaining about how they are destroyed. I can use this. I pull off the cape and wrap it around his neck sawing off his head.

After that is done I wrap the cape around my hand and crush his skull. " Hmph! That's the last of them! " I muse. " And Kal-El can't beat me as a zombie and with me low power. Ha!"

I think I'm going to keep this cape I'll have to take the S off it somehow but hey invulnerable clothing ? How often do you run into that? I find Logan screaming. " I'm the Best there is! I fought off a Brood infection! I can fight this!"

Finally all the rotting his face was doing stops and it grows back.

" You alright?" I ask. He turns staring at me oddly. Free Image Hosting at

" Well I gotta cravin' fer medium well done steak an' a beer .."

" So your normal then, let us go to the next pit stop. "

On the way there he talks mine and Mel's ear off. " Yeah I showed 'em! That wimp couldn't take the pain ! Ya Know what means Bub?"

" No what does that Logan? " No way he's a zombie. They are not this annoying.

" I beat the zombie virus on pure will power. That means I'm not only the best there is it also means I'm the best Wolverine in the entire Multiverse!"

I shake my head " And people say I'm arrogant." That's when I see it the most horrible thing I could behold. Free Image Hosting at


" Bwhahahahahahahahahaahaha!"

" Shut up Rodent!"


Blogger Randy said...

Yo dogs, that fight was fantastic. It was like two strangers in the night, exchanging glances.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

I didn't mention that Doom thing? My bad.

12:29 PM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

What kind of zombie fight was that? No chainsaws, no hot women, no zombies getting hit with a power drill. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 on the zombie smackdown scale.

On the other hand, a zombie Hulk would have eaten me for lunch, so I raise your score to 8 out of 10.

Oh wait, I am not a judge .... nevermind

2:11 PM  
Blogger Warbird said...

I am glad you didnt turn into a zombie Logan and Ana should of let you go nude rating would go up for sure

4:40 PM  
Blogger Paula Abdrool said...

You are so awesomely cute in the those pink Underoos! You should totally wear those all the time!!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Well Veg head, you look good in pink. Haw haw.

8:58 PM  
Blogger captain koma said...

Honestly what happened to crisp and pointed story telling. Well its started well and then I just got bored of it. Sorry.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Sounds like Simon has a disciple.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Simon said...

Koma is too picky. I must applaude Vegeta for his first post that doesn't completely suck

4:11 PM  
Blogger Vegeta said...

Simon you would know all about sucking wouldn't you. as or koma meh!

5:27 AM  
Blogger Gyrobo said...

I for one approve of this post, despite its lack of commercials.

11:24 AM  

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